The fourth annual Theatre on the Run event will be held at 6pm on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Theatre on the Run is a theatre event where the audience moves from various locations, following each one-act play.  Each of the five locations will host a one-act theatre production, with the exception of two short plays being performed at Spearfish Creek Wine Bar.  Joe Saracco directs a play at one venue and Max G Merchen directs the remaining plays.  Scroll down for the cast and plays.

Show Details:
September 12
Saturday: 6-10 p.m.

Only 100 tickets! — SOLD OUT!

You read that right. Only 100 seats are available. All tickets are $25.00. Buy tickets at The Matthews’ art gallery or by phone during business hours. Business hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the phone is 605-642-7973. Save time & energy. Go online to buy your tickets at any time. You can even buy them while you’re still in your robe.

Play locations are:

Cafe 608*
Spearfish Creek Wine Bar
Bay Leaf Cafe
Common Grounds
Director, Max G. Merchen
* Director, Joe Saracco

All audience members will gather at The Matthews Opera House theater for the finale.

Theatre on the Run begins with four different groups of theatre patrons–25 people each– starting at a different location. After each group has enjoyed a 15-20 minute play, the audience rotates to the next location to view the next production. This will continue until the grand finale, where all four groups will meet in the Matthews Opera House for the last two shows. Each venue will have beverages for sale, with some offering adult and some offering non adult beverages. Venues provide appetizers in the cost of the ticket.

“This progressive and fun way of going to the theatre has been such a big hit the last three years. Theatre on the Run has sold out every year since 2102,” says Jayne Rose, The Matthews’ marketing manager. “We have a limited amount of tickets, so make sure to get them early. This unique event is one you won’t want to miss.”

Hoodie Smock from 2014 performance

Hoodie Smock from 2014 performance

2015 Theatre on the Run Plays and Venues – cast

Title: “Billy Buck and Jo-Jo,” by Frank Canino
Location: Cafe 608
Address: 608 N. Main Street, Spearfish, SD

CAST: Wilbur Newland as Billy Buck, Wayne Gilbert as Jo-Jo
Director: Joe Saracco

Title: “The Battle of Bull Run Always Makes Me Cry,” by Carole Real
Location: Bay Leaf Cafe
Address: 126 W. Hudson Street, Spearfish, SD

CAST: Amy Ruff as Donna, Deb Brunette as Linda, Elysia Pederson as Amy,  Matt Adair as Patrick
Director: Max G. Merchen

Title*: “The Best Daddy,” by Shel Silverstein AND “Post-its (Notes on a Marriage),” by Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman
Location: The Spearfish Creek Wine Bar
Address: 127 W. Grant Street, Spearfish, SD
* This venue will have two plays performances.

CAST: Cami Dohman as Daddy, Zade Dohman as Lisa
Director: Max G. Merchen

Title: Post-its (Notes on a Marriage) By Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman
Location: The Spearfish Creek Wine Bar
Address: 127 W. Grant Street, Spearfish, SD

CAST: Mike Kane as Actor, Connie Hubbard as Actress
Director: Max G. Merchen

Title: “The Philadelphia” by David Ives
Location: Common Grounds
Address: 135 E. Hudson Street, Spearfish, SD

CAST: Dennis Walkins as Al, Bobbi Sago as Waitress, J. Bruce Woodard as Mark
Director: Max G. Merchen

FINALE — Title: “Perfect Meetings,” by Seth Kramer
Location: Matthews Opera House
Address: 614 Main Street, Spearfish, SD

CAST: Jack Hughes as Mark, Laura Haines as Alice
Director: Max G. Merchen