Adam Hudson | Artist

Growing up in Deadwood in the 40s and 50s gave Adam a sense of history and an affinity for all things antique. Early on, he was fascinated by the paintings of swashbuckling pirates in Howard Pyle’s books. Since his earliest memories, Adam has carved and drawn.

Never settling in one medium, Adam believes the various media each tell a story in its own unique way. Some subjects are more fitted to pencil or pen and ink, while others need a different treatment. Consequently, Adam works in several media including watercolor, pen, ink, pencils, and stained glass (2D & 3D). The stained glass lamps that he creates are usually placed on antique bases, as his lamps are Tiffany-esque in nature.

Adam’s professional background includes 5 years teaching art in a Wisconsin junior high school and 27 years teaching junior high in Gillette, Wyoming. Finally, after 32 years of teaching, Adam retired in 2000.