Although, I went to Columbia College Chicago and earned an interdisciplinary degree in Photography and Book & Paper Arts, all my current artistic endeavors began as a gift to give to someone I love.

cow-calfcard-9696-webMy creative process is an experience in itself; making each piece completely unique, not the product of an assembly line process. For each bead I lovingly select the catalog paper, cut, roll and coat with sealant repeatedly by hand, turning a catalog destined for the recycle bin into jewelry that is made to be cherished and warn.

In my jewelry I incorporate feathers from my own chickens. While working on or admiring the ranch my camera is always by my side; capturing the personalities of the animals I care for and love. From my home studio I edit, print and cut each photo. I match the photos to cards, design the layout, sew the edges by machine and hand sew every other detail, such as buttons I find at antique shops. I put my cards into the world to share a piece of my Wyoming ranch life and help you to connect with others.

The books I bind are made from scratch. I choose high quality papers, make my own wheat paste,  design the pages, print and fold them individually. I design, measure, cut and assemble, the bookboard, cloth, and endpapers. When the cover is dry I sew the pages of the book by hand. I do this with the hope that my books become a part of your life, to write your experiences, organize cherished recipes, hold your photographs, or whatever use you find. I put so much of myself into everything I create.

I welcome you to make my pieces a part of your experience by using them yourself or giving them as a gift to someone you care about. I live and work on The Yemington Ranch in Crook County, Wyoming. Your purchase keeps my creative process growing and allows me to do what I love; thank you for making that possible!  Love, be grateful and do your best.