The kids are busy learning their lines.

According to director, Ann Froelich, “This was really hard.  There were so many talented kids and too few parts!”  Congratulations to all the kids who now are busy rehearsing every day until the performances, June 24-26.  Scroll down for the cast.

Meet the cast of “Alice in Wonderland JR.”

PHOTOS from this year’s play — CLICK HERE.


CHESHIRE CAT 1: Sienna Hopper
CHESHIRE CAT 2: Alexandra Zwaschka
CHESHIRE CAT 3: Maria Eisenbraun
MATHILDA: Sarah Anglin
ALICE: Lizzy Gray
TALL ALICE: Maya Hughes
SMALL ALICE: Caylie Johnson
WHITE RABBIT: Ella Servaty
DOORKNOB: Brook Mischke
DODO BIRD: Rylyn Junek
ROCK LOBSTERS: Alessandra Rolando, Owen Schnabel, Emerys Williams, Tayler Yahne, Gabriel Buchholzs, Ada Buchholzs, Jolene Dinan, Presley Fischer, Kate Fjelland, Alyssa Furnish
TWEEDLE DUM: Samantha Walters
TWEEDLE DEE: Hollie Wise
ROSES: Sevana Thompson, Joselyn Vifquain, Danika Brown 
PETUNIAS: Lily Douglas, Maeve Douglas
LILIES: Sophie Neiman, Grace Roberts
VIOLETS: Paige Hartman, Ada Grace Hartman
DAISIES: Alyse Ruff, Shelby Rosencranz
CATERPILLAR: Evan Roles, Hugh Roles
MAD HATTER: A. J. Kinney
MARCH HARE: Brayden Cathcart
ROYAL CARDSMEN: Ava Gill, Cora Gill, Heidi Hansen, Aliya Johnson, Genna Leonhardt, Isabelle May, Alexis Stuen
KING OF HEARTS: Ethan Hopper


Show Details:
June 24-26
Friday-Saturday: 7:00pm, Sunday: 2:00pm
$8 for Adults
$5 for Youth