Ask a Publicist

Ask a Publicist

Just read a great article called “Ask a Publicist: 5 Social Media Dos & Don’ts for Bands.”  I’d like to amend that to all forms of artists, be they visual or performance artists.

The hardest part of any marketing person is actually getting the artist to give us the necessary information needed to promote their work.  Be assured, there are some bands and agents who are dreams to work for.  Unfortunately, they are very few and and very far between.

What do we want?

  • Your attention.  Your concert, reception, etc. is 6 months away?  So, it doesn’t seem urgent right?  Wrong.  Media outlets need information months in advance. Also, you/your group is not the only entity the marketing person is dealing with.  When you are emailed for information, deal with it immediately.
  • Quality high resolution promotional photos.  That means 300 dpi – (dots per inch).  Saying, “Go to my website and download (or right-click) on what you need,” 99% time is the wrong thing to say.  Almost every time we jump to your site, all the photos are made to be web resolution (72 dpi) in order for the photos to load quickly when people pull up your site.  Yes, you may have sent your web designer a high resolution photo, but we can guarantee the designer converted them to low resolution files.  What looks good on a website, looks horrible on printed materials.  Newspapers and magazines will not use low resolution for inclusion any stories either.  If you don’t know the difference between high and low resolution or don’t know what you have, contact the professional who took the photos and have them send out the required photos.

NOTE:  If you are a visual artist, send images of yourself (recent) and your art (also recent).  If you are a musician, make sure some of the photos show what you do.  Play guitar?  Have a guitar in the photo. A picture of you all standing in a field of flowers is very artsy, but it does nothing to show the viewer of posters or banners what it is that you do for money!  Unless you’re the Beatles, there will be many folks who have never heard of you and will wonder why they should shell out $25 to see you.

  • Up to date biographies and stories.  Many marketers need to write press releases and feature stories about your event coming up.  Do you have your group’s info available for download on your site?  If you have a media/press link on your site, you can upload a pdf of your group’s biographies, mission statement, quality QUOTES (so important), etc.  If you don’t have a media/press link, add one!

Remember, we’re all in this together.  We want to promote the artist at our venue so we can sell tickets!  The more tickets we sell the more money we all make.  That’s the bottom line, isn’t it?