The Matthews Art Gallery will host “ArtAbility,” a joint show between the Suzie Cappa Art Center and the Northern Hills Training Center. 

The show runs Oct. 3 through Nov. 5 during regular gallery business hours, Mon-Sat., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The opening reception takes place 5-7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 7 in the art gallery. The reception and show is free and open to the public.


In the spirit of inclusion, The Matthews is showcasing local talent in a joint show featuring artists from the Suzie Cappa Art Center in Rapid City and the Northern Hills Training Center in Spearfish. Their work represents the skill and creativity of artists of all abilities in the Black Hills. 

“The artists featured are multitalented and their work tells the story of how art can touch the lives of everyone,” says Ava Sauter, The Matthews community outreach manager.

Suzie Cappa Art Center, Rapid City

Cappa2-webThe Suzie Cappa Art Center was founded in 2001 in memorial of artist Suzie Cappa. They began with the vision to provide a supportive, inspiring environment for artists of all abilities.

In 2009, a generous anonymous donation allowed the Suzie Cappa Art Center to establish their downtown location. This has allowed the artists to be a part of the downtown community and for them to establish themselves as a part of the rapidly growing arts and culture scene of Rapid City.

The current downtown location opened in March of 2013 with 20 full-time artists. Since opening, they have grown to 24 full-time and 4 part-time artists who have a wide variety of mediums available to allow for their work to develop and expand.

Suzie Cappa Art Center Artists
Lee Fire Cloud
Aaron Hack
Barb Heagy
Jill Holisa
Hoksila Long
Anna McDowell
Jeff McGlade
Heather Morris
Colleen Romano
Linda Shafer
Sean Sipes
Ramona Spotted Eagle
Sean Stratton
John Summers
Tammy Tomayo
Nancy Weiss
Samantha Youngman

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Art residency day at NH Training Center

Art residency day at NH Training Center

Northern Hills Training Center, Spearfish

In the mid-1970’s, in the Northern Hills of South Dakota, there were few options for adults with developmental disabilities.  Because of this, a group of families came together with the desire to start a community in Spearfish to provide residential and work opportunities for people who might otherwise be living in an institution.  In 1976 Northern Hills Training Center was founded as a community-based option for supported living and working in the Black Hills.  

Over the next three decades, steady demand for services offered by NHTC increased the number of people being supported, and the variety of options for living and working in Spearfish. Since that time, many people have achieved employment, both individually and as part of small crews.

Art Residencies

Art residencies with the Northern Hills Training Center take place during the month of September. The art created during the residencies will be on display during the “ArtAbility” show. The show features at least 40 pieces from various artists.  

NH Training Center Artists
J.C. Barba
Larry Eixenberger 
Patrycja Kucinska 
Maxine Rodriguez
David Sorcic 
Leland VanSickle

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This show was funded in part by the generosity of The Spearfish Optimists Club.