The Matthews is very proud and happy to announce a Billy Talbot with Ryan Holzer live concert at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 6. The concert celebrates “Dakota,” a new album by the Billy Talbot Band. The album was released on Oct. 9 by Vapor Records.  Scroll down for details, tickets, video.

Show Details:
Friday, Nov. 6, 2015
7:30 p.m.
Tickets: Six tickets maximum per purchase
ADVANCE: $25 Adults, $10 Youth
DAY OF SHOW: $35 all seats

cover170x170Billy records in a converted turn-of-the-century schoolhouse at his home in South Dakota. During the blizzards of 2014, Billy Talbot, and bandmate, Ryan Holzer translated the strength and beauty of the Great Plains landscape into songs that transcend any specific geography.  Rather, they inhabit the realms of the heart and soul.  The spirit of what Talbot helped create with Neil Young and Crazy Horse over the years flows through this record. Although, on a more personal scale, channeled through Talbot’s meditations on the world of “Dakota” and beyond. 

Billy Talbot is best known as a founding member of Crazy Horse, perhaps the most famous backing band in the world. Throughout the decades of touring and recording with Neil Young, Talbot has written and played his own music. In the early ’00s, he formed the Billy Talbot Band.

Billy Talbot, Ryan Holzer (photo credit Roger O'Dea)

Billy Talbot, Ryan Holzer (photo credit Roger O’Dea)

“Songwriting is part of my life, it’s how I get through things,” says Talbot.  “We all have stumbling blocks, some are more important than others.  When I’m in the throes of a big one, I get depressed, or mad, or go through changes where I forget there’s going to be a song that will come out of it.  Eventually, when I get the song out, I feel better.  It’s a kind of release that helps me find peace with the stumbling block, sums it up in some way—or maybe not.  Sometimes I just get a good song out of it and feel better anyway.”

At the age of 17, Ryan James Holzer left college in Lincoln, Nebraska for the Brooklyn music scene. It was around this time that Holzer reached out to Talbot on MySpace, asking him to listen to some of his work. Listening in the wee hours of the morning, Talbot thought Holzer’s song-writing was extraordinary.

After three years in Brooklyn, Holzer returned to his parents’ home in South Dakota. He met up with Talbot on his ranch and together they wrote “Big Rain.” Talbot called on Holzer to join the Billy Talbot Band on their second album. Holzer helped write both “The Herd” and “Running Around.” Along with Ralph Molina and George Whitsell, they recorded twenty-two of Holzer’s compositions. They called the recordings “Wolves.”

 On the Road to Spearfish – “Ring the Bell”

 On the Road to Spearfish – “Big Rain”

Poster for Show