Assemblages and collages have been noticeably practiced since the early 20th century. To me these techniques are the perfect metaphor for the culture of our times. Hunting, gathering, stockpiling, and sorting images, objects, and ideas become major components of my creative expression as antique and commonplace objects are figuratively and symbolically pieced together in intimate, small-scale assemblages/collages.

Carol Hilgeman-webThe fragments that make up the assemblages are similar to the images and moments that make up our daily lives. Each element has a history and a context. No fragment is important by itself, but taken altogether, they assume a significance that is greater than the sum of the parts.

I intend to have the pieces work at the visual level by the careful placement of objects as distinct, but related forms, and at the emotional level by suggesting important cultural and spiritual content from the “artifacts.” I am interested in evoking memory and emotion from the debris of life, reinventing and redefining, mixing the mysterious with the popular, always alert to unexpected relationships. Using materials that have a previous history gives the work a multitude of meanings. Ultimately, assemblages are representations of the complexity of human existence.