We were all blown away by the quality of talent that auditioned earlier this week for CLUE: The Musical.  It was great to see many of our community theater veterans mixing it up with some brand new faces.  Everyone stepped up their game, which made it extremely difficult to cast.  In fact, we had to hold off the announcement 24 hours in order to have some limited call backs.  Just below is a statement from director, Brenna Meyer, and the final cast list.

WOW!  Wow.  I was amazed by the talent that turned out to audition for Clue!  Kris and I were genuinely impressed by everyone’s audition . . . as a result it took us two days to cast it – and two bottles of wine ;-)!  Thank you so much for auditioning.  As you know, casting is a difficult process, and I truly wish I had a part for each of you!  I welcome you all to audition in the future and would be happy to work with you!  Also, we are looking to cast “ushers” who will be part of the ensemble numbers and costumed as maids/butlers.  Please let me know if you are interested in this role.

Detective – Hailima Yates
Boddy – Kirk Hauck
Plum – Jacob Roman
Peacock – Sandi Nauman
Green – Gerry Bennett
Scarlet – Amy Soriano
Mustard – Dwight Myers
White – Hannah Lessly