We’re looking for a few good fences

ArtCentral and The Matthews Opera House & Arts Center announce a fun way for citizens to get involved with the Linking Fences Community Art Project this summer. Residents and business owners are urged to don their creative thinking caps and beautify the Spearfish community by designing and constructing their own fence art at home and work.

Make it an Art Party!

Residents are welcome to decorate their fence in whatever manner they choose. All types of fences are included. Fabrications promoting artistic interpretations of belonging, inclusion, encouragement, and unity are highly encouraged. Visibility of the fence by the community from a road or alleyway is preferred, but not required. Art-making parties and barbecues with friends and neighbors are also highly encouraged.

Register your beautiful fence with ArtCentral

Once fence art projects have been completed, residents should register it with the Linking Fences project by emailing their name and fence location to [email protected] or by stopping in at The Matthews Art Gallery or calling during normal business hours. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays and the phone is 605-642-7973.

Registration of fences is open from now until the end of August. ArtCentral will provide a sign to attach to the fence, identifying the project as part of the Linking Fences Community Art Project and explaining the purpose of the program. A map will be created indicating locations of all ArtCentral Linking Fences projects for public display. A number of fence-flaunting events–including a bike tour, are being planned for late summer and early fall.

Take pictures and use #LinkingFences hashtag

Please take pictures of your fence projects during design, installation, and community celebrations. Photos can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts using #LinkingFences.

Residents who doubt their talents with good old-fashioned paint and brush, should not be intimidated. Community members are encouraged to be inventive in their choice of materials. “Examples of materials used in similar fence art around the country include CDs, fabric, cans, vinyl strips, compostable egg cartons, paint cans, and all manner of recycled, natural, or found objects,” said Sian Young, The Matthews executive director. “Websites such as Pinterest can assist anyone experiencing a creative roadblock. We ask residents to maintain or remove their projects when they begin to appear worn, tattered or are otherwise compromised.”

Not your fence? Here’s what you need to do.

If a resident or group desires to decorate a fence that is not their own private property, prior approval will be required. This can be arranged directly between the two parties. In some cases, ArtCentral may be able to help connect available fences to interested community members who lack private fences. They may email [email protected] for assistance.

What is ArtCentral?

The Matthews was selected in 2016 as a recipient of a $200,000 Bush Foundation Community Innovation grant for ArtCentral — a community collaboration to centralize the arts as an integrated asset for inclusivity, economic development, and sustained outreach in the Spearfish community. Community Innovation grants support organizations, working in collaboration with others, to use problem-solving processes that lead to more effective, equitable and sustainable solutions for challenges that face their communities.

ArtCentral is a community collaboration to centralize the arts as an integrated asset for inclusivity, economic development, and outreach in Spearfish. ArtCentral was made possible through a 2016 Community Innovation Grant from the Bush Foundation.

About the Bush Foundation
The Bush Foundation invests in great ideas and the people who power them. We encourage individuals and organizations to think bigger and think differently about what is possible in communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geographic area. Since it was established in 1953 by 3M executive Archibald Bush and his wife, Edyth, the Foundation has invested nearly one billion dollars in grants to thousands of organizations and individuals. Website: www.bushfoundation.org.