Ethan Engel (b. 1990) is an artist born and raised in Winner, SD.  His passion for art began at four years old when his grandmother taught him how to paint ceramics.  Educated at Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD) with a degree in art and graphic communications his works are formed by his history with autism, showing his internal conflicts and struggles of understanding how his disability functions.  Using his works as a powerful feeling of catharsis, Ethan strives to teach the public more about autism through his painting, sculpting, photography, and mixed media works – creating positive, informative imagery from his personal experiences.  He was a 2014 recipient of the VSA Emerging Young Artist Award given by the Kennedy Center (Washington, DC), as well as Best of College High School and Photography 2015 Honorable Mention Award from Photographer’s Forum magazine.  Ethan is currently living and working in Spearfish, SD.


“I took it as how you live with your disability in your everyday life.  I decided to do something that talks about my past by expressing a journal or memory that shows my internal conflicts and struggles of understanding how my autism functions.”  Says Engel, “I want people to try and understand what autism is all about.  How I deal with situations, my emotions.  When you’re hearing me talk I do have that processing issue.  That’s why I wanted to play with the viewer ab it and get them interacted and try to connect with how the story goes.”