Director, Julie Walkins has announced the cast for the May 4-7 performance of “Greater Tuna.” The unique characteristic for this play is that the 20 characters are played by just a few people. Set in a radio station in Greater Tuna, Texas, the broadcast features many of the odd citizens in the town.  View photos from the play.

The show is performed May 4-7, 2017. 

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Dwight Myers plays:
Arles Struvie
Petey Frisk
Jody Bumiller
Stanley Bumiller
Charlene Bumiller




Tytus Spivey plays:
Thurston Wheelis
Bertha Bumiller
RR. Snavely
Rev. Spikes
Sheriff Givens




Lauren Fuhr plays:
Harold Dean Lattimer
Didi Snavely
Vera Carp





David Nickel plays: 
Elmer Watkins
Hank Bumiller






Julia O’Neil-King plays:
Penelope Hartford
Pearl Burras
Philomena Blye






Greater Tuna photos

Fun times were had. 

Curtain call.

Dwight Myers, Tytus Spivey

Lauren Fuhr

Tytus Spivey, Julia O’Neil-King

David Nickel

Lauren Fuhr, Tytus Spivey

Tytus Spivey, invisible dog

Julia O’Neil-King, Dwight Myers

Tytus Spivey, Dwight Myers

Julia O’Neil-King, Tytus Spivey, Dwight Myers

Lauren Fuhr, Julia O’Neil-King

Julia O’Neil-King, Dwight Myers