It’s a cold SNOWY day for making art.

There are several aspects to ArtCentral’s #LinkingFences project.

  • A Call for Artists throughout the region to compete for several permanent installations
  • A community summer project for friends, families, and neighbors doing their own fences 
  • Spearfish schools taking on fence projects of their own

The final bullet point is what this article is about. Michael Baum, BHSU art professor, took on a chain link fence on 5th St., across from City Hall and Grace Balloch Memorial Library. His students started the installation on April 24 and will complete the project on Friday, April 28.

The project started out on a partly sunny, cool day and encountered a late spring 6″ snowfall in the middle of the week. No matter what the weather, the students and professor soldiered on to finish the project before finals!

Here are some pictures of the progress.

Day One

Day 1: There is some sun as the project started.

Day 1

Day 1: Clouds are coming in for good. But, it makes the colors pop!

Day 1: Making progress…on to day 2

Day Two


Day 2: Michael Baum is rallying the troops. What a difference a day makes.

Day 2: What do you think they are thinking while stapling bands of color together?

Day 2: The fence is a colorful addition to the neighborhood. One more day left!


Day Three (to come)