Mary Ann Larsen | Painter

Mary Ann Larsen’s style has evolved over the years to include rich textures and bold impasto techniques. 

This was influenced by her in-depth study of the Post-Impressionists, artists who studied the Impressionists and their science of color, re-interpreting the field of knowledge with their own meaning and expression. While attending art school on the east coast, Mary was influenced by the many contemporary museums and galleries in the area.

Mary’s landscapes begin as plein air sketches, constructed outdoors in natural sunlight. She also takes several photographs of details, capturing the play of light and shadow.  She paints on stretched canvases in her studio, often returning outdoors to check details or to make notes of discriminating colors. A finished piece will reveal rich textures created by layers of thick, contrasting colors applied with brushes and palette knives.

In addition to showing her work in South Dakota, Mary has been exhibited in Oregon, Utah, and Chicago.