After teaching school for several years, Mary Ann was always trying to carve out a few precious moments every here and there to do her own art work. Recently, having relocated in the Spearfish area, she has finally found herself with enough time to devote to seriously pursuing her painting. Mary Ann has shown her artwork in the Riverton City Museum and the Springville Art Museum in Utah, has participated in printmaking events at the Salt Lake Art Festival in 2009, and has won awards for her oils in the Spearfish Harvest Fest Art Show in 2013.


My technique in oil painting that has evolved over the years uses rich textures to create landscapes on canvas. My textures are accomplished with a variety of palette knives, as well as brushes, using a bold impasto technique. Much of the painterly fashion of my work is constructed from layer upon layer of contrasting color. Birch trees in forests settings exhibit clashes of hot hues with cool blue shadows. Fluid fields of grass and alpine flowers in foregrounds have become my style. My landscapes, especially those showcasing nearby Spearfish settings, begin as plein aire sketches, constructed outdoors in natural sunlight. I also take several photographs of minute details and capture the play of light and shadow on objects. I paint on my prepared, stretched canvases in my studio, but will return often to the outdoor setting to check details or make notes on discrimination color in sunlight or the absence of light in the shadow and cast shadows. My oils have been influenced by both Jane Frank and Malcolm Morley, artists who have shown their work significantly in the New York City area, as well as Vincent Van Gogh (specifically with his achievements in Arles between 1887 and 1888, which exhibit painterly compositions that mix color, texture, and light to create vibrant canvases).