February 3 – March 24

RE:Create is a creative community makerspace in the Matthews Art Gallery for two months this year – February and March. It opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3 with a free workshop by sculptor, Becky Grismer. Later that day, from 4-6 p.m., an opening reception for the public takes place! Mark your calendars.

This space will be free, open to the public, and will have programmed workshops each week that give the community an opportunity to learn from and engage with our local artists. This is a BIG ArtCentral Spearfish project.  

A makerspace for the creatively curious.

We welcome the inquisitive, curious, skeptical, baffled, and creatively perplexed to be a part of this adventure with us.

The theme of the space is making art from found objects so we’re not only making things, but we’re also bringing awareness to how much garbage is thrown out. 

Cardboard Chaos is baaaack!

There will be a Cardboard Chaos area for younger audiences (in age and at heart), as well as working space, conversation space, tools and items that can be used for exploring creativity and art-making.

Let’s weave

Everyone is invited to come and try weaving on our community loom. No weaving experience required. Bring your own materials or use the ones we have available.

Saturday Workshops

Partnering with our community’s own artists and crafters, each week will have a theme and suggested projects to get the conversation going. Saturday mornings will set a theme for the week and provide an opportunity for us to learn from our community artists, and engage in unexpected conversations, all through the process of exploring our creativity.

Themes, workshops, and projects will range from bookmaking, earth totems, story writing, collage, fiber arts, found sound, experiential art, origami, theater, music, poetry, and more. No previous experience or skill is needed – only a willingness to participate. For scheduled workshops and events, sign-ups are appreciated (by calling the gallery at 605.642.7973 x0), but walk-ins are welcome.

FEB. 3, 2018: Found Object Earth Totems Workshop with Becky Grismer 
FEB. 10, 2018: Found Sound with Nancy Roberts and Symeon Waseen
FEB. 17, 2018: Bookmaking Workshop with Michael Baum
FEB. 24, 2018: Weaving on a Picture Frame with Mary Baker and Cindy Wilson

MAR. 3, 2018: Collage: The Art of World-Invention Workshop with Jo Powell 
MAR. 10, 2018: Knitting Basics with Sheila French
MAR. 17, 2018: Beadworking with Jace Decory and Michael Lekberg   
MAR. 24, 2018: Screen Printing with Binky Studio

Art Happy Hours

Art Happy Hour on Tuesday afternoons will provide a time for gathering, relaxing, connecting, and either working on a project or learning a bit more from one of our community artists. Come make a cork trivet, play with sounds, or learn about the art of storytelling.

FEB. 6, 2018:  Art Happy Hour with the Black Hills Balinese Gamelan  
FEB. 13, 2018:  Art Happy Hour: Believe Your Voice    
FEB. 20, 2018:  Art Happy Hour: Fiber Tiles   
FEB. 27, 2018:  Art Happy Hour: Watercolor Pencils by Jayna Watson  
MAR. 6, 2018:  Art Happy Hour: Upcycled Bookends by Shayna Monnens
MAR. 13, 2018:  Art Happy Hour: Knitting Clinic Two with Sheila French
MAR. 20, 2018:  Art Happy Hour: Cork Trivets by Mary Baker

Coffee Talk and Tinker

On Thursday mornings, bring that coffee shop conversation and your coffee friends – to RE:Create and see what happens when you explore creativity together. Some mornings will have suggested projects, a community artist available, or just relaxed time to come and explore.

We are using found materials (cardboard, used plastics, used fabrics, found materials, unexpected objects, etc.) to engage with the community to create art and also to have conversations about sustainability, community, and rural connectedness. Together, we will explore, examine, engage, and discover.

Free books with reviews

Do you love the creativity of literature? Bring in or pick up a book from the free book exchange shelf. But instead of just dropping off a load of books, we ask that you fill out the provided book covers and share with the next reader what you loved about the book you are sharing. Pass along a bit about your experience with the book and help strengthen connections in our community.

Book covers are available in the Gallery.

Author Visits

Local author visits take place in the RE:Create makerspacefrom 12-1 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday, in the Feb. 3-Mar. 24 timeframe.

Highlighting the many aspects of art in writing, during these lunch-hour discussions, the community is invited to visit with local authors, ask questions, and discuss books. Each author will make an informal presentation and discuss the topics that are of interest to the those in attendance. This is an incredible opportunity to meet the diverse range of authors in our community including those who focus on poetry, journalism, history, or fiction. We also invite you to use this time to visit the free book exchange and share your favorite book, with a recommendation.

No previous skills or experience needed, but children must be supervised.