I have enjoyed working with fabrics and yarns since grammar school and by the time I reached high school, I was skilled enough at sewing to make my own clothes. With funds being limited during the following years, making things for our home and clothes for my daughter and myself became challenging and eventually, very rewarding.

While at the University of Illinois in the 1960’s, my interest diverged and photography courses took up some of my spare time. For a long time, we even had a dark room in the basement of our house. I still love taking pictures and I firmly believe that the new digital cameras can make everyone a great photographer.

It was a chance encounter with a woman who owned a knitting machine that brought me back to yarns and knitting. We were living in San Diego then and soon I was involved with a large and active group of machine knitters. Then, after years of making sweaters and baby clothes, I began looking for a new interest. I was seriously considering quilting and it was during a trip to a quilting store, that I noticed a flyer announcing a class on making fabric baskets. The idea intrigued me, plus I had years of leftover fabrics!

Although I enjoyed a decades-long academic career, it is working with my hands that still brings me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction at the end of the day.