The work of Barbara Kieffer Rowe is an exploration of nature, combining her background in art, geology and paleontology, and upbringing on a ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Within this context, she has taught, worked as a professional geologist, and explored rock patterns, fossils, and scenes of grandeur within this region.  Throughout her career, she has continuously created art.  She is currently is a full-time artist.

Geological aspects which characterize a part of Barbara’s work include the iridescent luster of ancient ammonites, crystalline minerals, and rock formations.  Her paintings couple realism with a personal interpretation of color, line, and texture.  Barbara works with acrylic and mixed-media on cold-pressed paper and canvas by applying layers of transparent washes in addition to utilizing the opaque quality of the paint.

Barbara shares her family homestead with Arabian horses. This provides an additional theme for her work.  The grace, fire, and movement of horses are captured in paintings that are enhanced with tactile materials such as horse hair and beadwork.

Art pieces by Barbara have been included in regional, national, and international competitions.  She is honored that persons of all walks selected her work to include in homes and in private and corporate collections.