wilson-webI have been fascinated with jewelry even as a young child. I was intrigued by the pieces my grandma would make and wear to church. I started taking scraps of this and that and making jewelry designs of my own by the age of 12, often stealing swivels from my dad’s tackle box. My jewelry designs started out creative and fun. They’ve grown into artistic and unusual.

The natural stone is my first inspiration. I incorporate much turquoise, many jaspers, a lot of quartz, etc. From there, I tie the stones up with different metals: sterling, copper, brass silver plate wire. Once I discovered using recycled materials like copper and aluminum, my designs really changed. With the up-cycle concept in full swing nationwide, I’ve begun introducing vintage buttons, watch parts, vintage jewelry components, tea bag tags, and more. Cutting up old aluminum plates, hammering new shapes, breaking chipped plates, twisting up sheet copper; nothing is excluded.

Shaviq Jewelry has a way of crossing boundaries of age, lifesyle, and location. My art has found its way around the world as a remembrance of The Black Hills.