This series of paintings, the “yellow cloth series,”  is tied together with the cloth and background wall. Variety was achieved by varying the bone, antlers, fruit, and other fabrics. One of the motivating ideas in this series and many of Sue’s still life paintings are the combination of brightly colored fruit and bleached bones. In some ways this juxtaposition is a metaphor for life – are you living life to the fullest or withering away in silent despair?  Personally, it is also a representation of Sue’s faith.

Each of Sue’s still lifes is carefully composed of actual objects she has been given, inherited, found, or bought. The arrangements are set up in front of her on a table or shelf and lit with a spotlight. She then breaks out the paint!  Ultimately, Sue believes art tells a story. The fun thing about art is the viewer’s interpretation, and Sue hopes viewers will think about what the story means to them.