Here is another great audition opportunity to our Black Hills actors.  This will be set in the 1940s and one of our 2016 Big Read events.

Audition Dates

December 14 & 15, Monday and Tuesday, 6:30 – 830 each day in The Matthews Opera House theatre.

Director: Hoodie Smock

Play Date

Performance Dates are February 18 – 21, 2016 at Matthew’s Opera House.


The director is looking for adults with a willingness to play several different parts AND play with voices and accents. We will combine several of the male and female roles. Memorizing is not essential. We need three singers (can be male and/or female). The following is a list of parts and possible multiple-part combinations. The director states the parts she feels will be single parts with an asterisk (*). The single parts may change.

Be prepared to have fun with multiple personalities.  SCROLL DOWN!


Male Parts:

  • Announcer/2nd Announcer
  • Cecil B. DeMIlle: (Narrator)*
  • Miles Archer: (Spade’s partner)
  • Man 1,2,3
  • DA
  • Dundy: Hardened policeman* 
  • Sam Spade: (Hardened detective)*
  • Tom Polhaus – Hardened policeman*
  • Joel Cairo – smooth but very bad guy*
  • Wilmer – hood*
  • Mr. Gutman aka The Fatman – very, very bad guy*
  • Some of the men will also play in commercials
  • Sound man OR sound woman

Female Parts:

  • Effie: (girl Friday)*
  • Brigid Shaughnessy: (vamp)*
  • Three additional women: 
  • will play multiple roles in commercials, plus sing at least one song ala Andrews Sisters style
  • Sound woman OR sound man

Play Synopsis

This will be the Queen City Radio Theatre version of “The Maltese Falcon.” This script was aired as the LUX Radio Theatre version of “The Maltese Falcon” in 1942 in Hollywood with several famous movie stars as the main characters. It is a Film Noir style.  A mystery with a hardened P.I; a real looker vamp and bad girl; the Girl Friday; best bad guys – some hoods looking for a name to smooth and lethal criminals.

It has everything, except the happy ending.

Stop by The Matthews Art Gallery for scripts. They will be available by November 30, 2015.