Max G. Merchen, is a busy guy. He has the very large task of directing the 5th Theatre on the Run. That’s eight one-act plays on both Sept. 10 and 17. What was even harder, was casting each play with so many wonderful local actors trying out.

Drum roll, please…

Cast and Plays for 2016 Theatre on the Run

“Donnie the Leaf Raker”*

Wife: Rene’ Porter Stewart
Husband: Bruce Woodard

“Rinse the Blood from My Toga”

by Johnny Wayne and Frank Schuster
Griffin Lloyd Smith
Zachary Zwaschka

“A Tomb With a View”*

Sydney Bridgeport

“Are There Any Questions?”*

Jill: Joanna Mechaley
Branislav: Rob Andresen
Fred: Tony Diem
Kathleen: Deb Brunette
Ed: Dwight Myers

“The Find”

by Susan Sandler

Agnes: Pamela Wegner
Perry: Gerry Bennett

“The Stuff in the Sink”*

Ed: Mitchell Mechaley
Branislav: Jacob Paul
Fredrica: Christi Ardis
Jill: Deneen Redd
Kathleen: Bobbi Sago

“Problems and Inconveniences”*

Ed: Mitchell Mechaley
Branislav: Jacob Paul
Fred: David Nickel

FINALE: “The Belle of Amherst”

by William Luce

Emily Dickenson: Cami Dohman

*Titles are selections from Robert Fulghum’s “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” by Ernest Zulia and David Caldwell.

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