It’s going to be a great Theater on the Run for 2017. Our directors have made their cast decisions. The audition turn out was impressive! Congratulations to all of our actors. Theater on the Run performances are September 9 and 16. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, July 26. Don’t wait. We sell out every year.

“He Said, She Said”

Director: Max G. Merchen

Cami Dohman – Enid Haldeman
Kirk Hauck – Felix Haldeman
Pamela Wegner – Mrs. Packard
Amy Ruff – Diana Chesbrough

Synopsis: True or False? Gossip or Gospel? A deftly turned phrase…an innuendo. Certainty turns to doubt. Who can trick a trickster? The plot, like homemade ice cream, thickens with each turn of the crank. 

“Sure Thing”

Director: Deneen Redd

Shelby Cihak – Betty
Josh Larson – Bill

Synopsis: Two people meet in a cafe and find their way through a conversational minefield as an offstage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes, and faux pas on the way to falling in love. 

Duet Oral Interpretation competition piece

Director: Danielle Ligtenbert

Griffin Lloyd Smith – Felix
Zac Zwaschka – Oscar

Synopsis: Zac and Griffin selected a famous script as their vehicle for this year’s  Duet Oral Interpretation competition. Enjoy this encounter between the fastidious neat-freak and the self-proclaimed slob.

“Ladies of the Mop”

Director: Julie Walkins

Bobbe Ward – TBA
Julia O’Neil King – TBA
Kathy Johnston – TBA 
Sharon Kirkpatrick – Sanchez

Synopsis: Annie is a faded, fluttery woman who has not lost her dream of the stage; Mattie, an unimaginative soul with a toneless voice; Hallie, loud, robust, energetic; and Bessie, determined and dignified – a sole admirer of her own voice. Annie proposes they entertain themselves while they eat their midnight snack…in a poetic exchange, they entertain each other and the audience.

“Medieval Romance”

Director: Dwight Myers

Tytus Spivey – Herald
Tina Walton – Conrad
Mitch Mechaley – Lord of Klugenstein
Pat Rogge – Lady of Klugenstein
Haley Hanzlik – Constance
Wilbur Newland – Duke of Brandenburg
Colin Hanzlik – Peasant
Elysia Peterson – Servant
Tony Diem – Chief Lord
Elisia Peterson – Peasant woman

Synopsis: The Lord of Brandenburgh- in order to obtain all the wealth of his Brother Ulrich – hides the sex of his daughter from birth, for only a male may inherit the kingdom. A complication arises when Ulrich’s daughter, Constance, falls in love with the Lord’s daughter, Conrad, who is going around as a handsome Duke. Of course, she will have nothing to do with her cousin which angers Constance. When Ulrich’s daughter becomes pregnant and is on trial in disgrace for being with child out of wedlock, she accuses Conrad of being the father, Now Conrad, the Lord’s daughter, must marry Constance in order to save her own life. The result is a hilarious satire on man’s avarice.

“Buying Time”

Director: Joanna Mechaley

Christi Ardis – Mrs. Murphy
David Nickel – Ernest
Max Merchen – Narrator

Synopsis: Death comes calling in the guise of a traveling salesman looking to collect the soul of a young housewife in this kitschy comedy reminiscent of early episodes of “The Twilight Zone.”