This collaborative art project will be unveiled during the opening reception of “The Big Read Art Collective,” 5-7 p.m., Mar. 4 in the art gallery.  The show continues through Mar. 31.  Scroll down to see the process and completed work.

Jewelry – An adornment for one’s body
Wall Jewelry – An adornment for one’s wall

Dr. Jo Powell overlooking art in progress.

Dr. Jo Powell overlooking art in progress.

Working with artist and retired teacher, Dr. Jo Powell, The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center brought the Wall Jewelry project to the youth at Canyon Hills Center in Spearfish. The project was centered on the idea of value and what makes an item valuable.

Many factors make an item valuable: demand, rarity, and materials used. There is also a personal value that transcends society’s definition of worth. An item’s history or the story behind its creation often gives a deeper value that moves beyond trends and markets.

Working with styrofoam blocks the students first covered the piece with plaster and then followed with paint and embellishments. The project was completed over three days by 24 students between the age of ten and seventeen.

The final project will be hung as a non-representational wall sculpture at The Matthews throughout the month of March. Scroll down to see some of the completed art pieces.

The Matthews wants to give a BIG thank you to Daman and the staff at The Canyon Hills Center.


Starting out....

Starting out….

Adding in color...almost done!

Adding in color…almost done!

Completed Wall Jewelry

Completed Wall Jewelry pieces  hung in The Matthews art gallery

Completed Wall Jewelry pieces hung in The Matthews art gallery

Closer view of work

Closer view of work






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