This is a call for all those who would like to dress up like cowboys or cowgirls and be part of our summer theater event of “The Phantom of the Matthews Opera House.” Bring your cowboy attire and fun, family-friendly, rowdy attitude to The Matthews.  You’ll get to sit in the theater boxes (everyone always wants to do this) and exude good old-fashioned cowpoke antics!  The show runs July 5-Aug. 3, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  Just below are some answers to questions you may have.


What do I have to do exactly as a cowpoke for the show?
You will be sitting in the private boxes and be part of the rowdy cowboys/girls.  Don’t worry if you don’t quite know what to do.  We have HEAD COWPOKE Jack on hand each evening to get you all in the right mindset. 

When do they have to be at the theater and how long is the play?
On the night(s) that you sign up to volunteer, you are to arrive at the opera house at 8:00 pm, dressed and ready to go.  Our cowpokes are needed for the second act. You will be finished between 9:30 and 9:45 pm.

Do I have to do every show?
No.  You may do as few as one show and as many as all of them. Whatever you would like to do.  PLEASE NOTE:  When you sign up for particular day(s), you need TO SHOW UP!  We will be counting on you…right pardner?

What about my costume?
You will be in charge of your own costume.  Costumes consist of a cowboy hat, button up shirt and jeans.  Not too bad, right?  Now,  you can go whole hog and also wear bandanas, boots, belt, vests…go for it! Our theater basement has some cowpoke type stuff and you are welcome to come by and find a few things…BUT…you MUST do this AHEAD of time, not the evening of the performance.   The basement is open during gallery business hours: Mon-Sat, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

THAT’S IT, I’M IN!  Who should I contact in order to volunteer?
Call the box office 605-642-7973 and ask for Sawyer or give your name, phone number, and email to whoever answers. Be sure to give us the night(s) you would like to volunteer.  You may also email [email protected] with the above information.