William Lopez | Sculpture – Ceramics

The collection Will Lopez has developed for the past six years incorporates a technique he calls “chip away.” When creating ceramics, the artist pushes the limits of the clay, applying pressure at a specific time, and allowing new forms to arise, with the goal of designing something delicate, structurally sound, and seemingly perfect.

Before firing, Will uses the chip away method, using tools to puncture the clay, creating a unique texture and negative space within the piece. Each strike breaks it down. Not knowing how many punctures a work can withstand, each piece has a 50/50 chance of survival. With this technique, Will creates weathered, elegant forms with added texture.

Will is a student and ceramic artist residing in Spearfish. He is anticipating a BA in Studio Fine Art from Black Hills State University. His main focus is ceramic art and sculpture while growing and pushing his artistic abilities. He intends to get an MFA, with an emphasis on ceramic art, and teach college ceramics.