About Us

The Matthews Opera House & Arts Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization located at 612 N. Main Street in Spearfish, South Dakota. Built in 1906, the opera house has gone through many lives.

The Matthews consists of a fine arts gallery with 48 regional artists on the street level. Upstairs, the theater continues to provide community plays, national performance acts and music concerts.         

The Matthews’ Staff

Darren Granaas, Executive Director 
[email protected], 605.642.7973 ext. 16

Kyler Flock, Community Engagement Manager and Festival in the Park Coordinator 
[email protected] and [email protected], 605.642.7973, ext. 11

Maegan Detlefs, Marketing Manager
[email protected], 605.642.7973 ext. 12

Heather Evans, Patron Services and Gallery Manager
[email protected], 605.642.7973 ext. 0          

The Matthews’ Board of Directors

The Matthews is managed by a 8-12 member Board of Directors. The members serve three-year terms and are elected on a rotating basis at the annual meeting at The Matthews each January.

Updated January 2020:

Andrea Bakeberg, President
Bailey Sadowsky, Vice President
Sara Pesek, Treasurer
Joanna Mechaley, Secretary
Amy Ruff
French Bryan
Julia O’Neil-King
Julie Walkins

The Matthews’ Mission Statement

The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center champions participation in the arts to inspire and connect the powerful creative force of our community, enriching lives now and securing our historic cultural legacy for the future.

Our Sponsors

KEVN Black Hills Fox
Holiday Inn
Black Hills Pioneer
  • DeSmet and Biggs, LLP
  • Great Peaks Realty
  • Lucky's 13 Pub
  • Spearfish
  • Wolff's Plumbing & Heating
  • Great Western Bank
  • Forcoli & Songs Painting
  • TDG
  • Real Estate Center of Spearfish
  • South Dakota Arts Council
  • Spearfish Motors
  • Black Hills Salt Cave & Spa
  • Killian's Food & Drink