Elizabeth Mattson

September 28, 2017

Elizabeth Mattson was raised in Buffalo, WY, where she was taught fiber crafts such as embroidery, quilting, garment making, and crochet. After graduating from Northwest College, she discovered her aptitude for entrepreneurship and began combining it with her artistic endeavors. She currently resides in Spearfish, SD.

Sustainability is part of Elizabeth’s process as she repurposes materials such as fabric trimmings, dryer sheets, strips of canvas, and doilies. She is drawn to neutral color schemes, which allow her to showcase the unique textures and patterns found in her materials. Elizabeth hopes to present a unique perspective to the lost and forgotten elements of this beautifully textured craft.

“Fiber art intimately syncs the rhythm of hands and thread into beautiful works that beg to be touched,” says Elizabeth. “This intimate rhythm allows my hands to speak the language of my childhood: a language of creativity and tradition.”

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