Larry Stearns

October 3, 2017


Larry Stearns was born and raised in northwestern South Dakota and has recently retired to the Black Hills. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and was inspired by his brother to start turning pens ten years ago. With further encouragement from his wife, Pat, he decided to try making decorative pieces such as vases and bowls as well as functional pieces like coffee mugs. Currently, he creates writing instruments and decorative items while continuing to hone his craft.

Turned Wooden Pens

Most of Larry’s pens are made from elements found in nature: wood, deer antlers, pheasant feathers, pine cones, and sagebrush. Sometimes, he pairs materials with acrylic to maintain the structural integrity of the pen. On occasion, Larry creates more personal pieces, such as a pen he made from discarded rifle cartridges from a family member’s military funeral, or various pieces crafted from mementos of family vacations. For Larry, the possibilities are endless.

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