Nicola Meeks

October 10, 2017

Born and raised in England and Wales, Nicola moved to the United States in 1989, settling in the Black Hills to raise her family. Her acrylic hand-pulled prints are made using a homemade “Gelli plate.”

Rather than purchasing commercially made plates, Nicola gathers the raw ingredients, concocts the recipe, and makes her own. From the plates, she paints acrylic pieces and hand-pulls prints. Abstract and full of color, she revels in the unpredictability of this medium.

Her graphite pieces are the polar opposite to the abstract, freeform acrylics. The graphite pieces usually depict Nicola’s love of animals. She also finds this medium lends itself well to capturing architectural details of the old stone structures around Nicola’s childhood home near Chepstow Castle in South Wales.

Nicola Meeks believes opposites attract in all facets of life, and this is particularly evident in the two mediums in which she works.

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