The Outlaws of the West by Owen Guy

June 29, 2021

To celebrate our 2021 Writing Contest that is currently underway, we are FINALLY releasing audio performances of last year’s winners!


A quiet western town suddenly finds itself overwhelmed with famous outlaws in this short story by 8-year-old Owen Guy. This entry won first place kid’s short story in our 2020 Short Story Contest.


The Outlaws of the West by Owen Guy

Once there was a town in the Wild West. Not a little town, not a ghost town, not a big city, more like, a medium size town. It just so happened, that, in that town, a little boy was born in the town. His name was Terno. Now, Terno was very good at learning things. He learned how to scream as soon as he entered the open world. (Ha-ha!) But he was a quick learner. He could shoot a gun well by the time he was 6, He even ran his own store! One of the most interesting things about Terno’s town was: it never- ever got attacked! It’s true, nobody like Billy the Kid ever attacked his town. One day, Terno asked “Mom, are we ever going to get attacked?’’. Her steady response was “No, not now, not ever.” And, for a very long time, she was right. But, the town did get attacked one day, and this is how it happened: 

One day, when Terno was 14, He had been having a really good day. He had won 15 shooting contests in a row that morning. He was heading back home, when, he heard the sound of horse’s hoofs! Now, having horses was illegal in his town. The only person who owned horses was old man Middleton who kept them entirely as pets. Soon, the watchman yelled (Terno didn’t know why they even had a watchman.) “Were under attack!” Terno ran to his house and yelled “were under attack!” His mother said “ha-ha very funny.” Then, suddenly, their house didn’t have a roof. Terno’s mother screamed. Suddenly, Terno ran for the door! His mother yelled “come back! Somebody, stop him!” Terno ran outside and saw a LOT of outlaws. He counted 10 in all. There was Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Davy Crockett, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley, Butch Cassidy, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holliday? Terno knew that Doc Holliday was not an outlaw. In fact, he was a dentist. Suddenly, Terno was lying spread-eagle on the ground. He had been trampled! One of the outlaws pointed his gun at Terno. “Don’t move’’ said the outlaw. “Well, I Guess I should just shoot you instead” said the outlaw. Terno barely avoided the bullet that sent him careening through the air! He landed right onto one of Middleton’s horses! Well, Terno thought, at least I landed on a horse, and, it sort of gives me an advantage. Oh, boy, I’m going to get arrested for this. Terno found a pistol in a leather satchel on the horse and a 22 caliber rifle on the side of the horse. Terno rode out and said ‘’hiya!”. The outlaw’s turned towards the sound. Terno aimed the rifle and fired. Billy the Kid was down! He also fired the pistol but he missed. The outlaws retuned fire and almost hit him. Terno shot down Wyatt, Wild Bill, and Butch in 1 shot. But, the next shot scraped him. Grimacing in pain, he shot again. He took down 5. The one left was Jesse James. He said “You cardboard box made of matches, you shot down all my comrades.” Terno said “Well, you and your comrades were invading my town”. Without warning, Terno fired but Jesse ducked. Jesse said “ya missed me, la, la!”. Terno felt anger boil up inside him. He hated being taunted. Terno yelled at the outlaw and shot him. Now, thought Terno, I should probably put out the fires. He did, and after a few days, the death counts were sent out. Only 1 person that was not an outlaw died, and it had been old man Middleton! Now, his horses were free for the taking! Terno took them in and cherished them until he died. 

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