Stephen Mullins

October 3, 2017

Stephen Mullins resides in Wyoming where he is a high school art teacher. After traveling for some time, Stephen went to the University of Wyoming where he received his B.F.A. in Studio Art and his B.A. in Art Education.

Stephen uses a vinyl resist technique with his ceramics to add symbolism and contrast to their surfaces. He manipulates simple images to create patterns, themes, whimsical scenes, and ideas. Currently, he admires the design work of Aaron Draplin. Draplin creates simple imagery that expresses large amounts of information in a clean and precise way.

Functional pottery has a unique relationship with the viewer. The pieces are experienced on a level that is very intimate. Stephen celebrates the idea of functional forms being valued as art. Functional ceramic is an early human craft and can still be used today as a tool that traverses craft and fine art to carry strong and deliberate symbols into everyday life.

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