Froelich Young Actors Guild 2024

Summer break is just around the corner and we have the perfect way for you to get your kiddos off the screens and on the stage this summer! Registration is open now through May 15. The camp offers two age-appropriate sessions: 2nd – 6th grade; and, 7th – 12th grade.

Each group meets Monday through Friday, June 3 through 21. 

Select your child’s group based on the grade they will be entering in Fall 2024.

Group A (7th – 12th grade)
Chateau La Roach
Led by Gabriella Hertz
Monday – Friday, 9 am til noon. June 3 – 21
Performances: Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 at 7 pm

Group B (2nd – 6th grade)
Snow White and the Seven Endings
Led by Melita Quinonez
Monday – Friday, 1 til 4 pm. June 3 – 21
Performance: Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 at 2 pm


Registration is open now through May 15. Please download the form below and return it to the Matthews gallery at 612 N. Main Street, Spearfish. You can also pick up a printed copy of the registration form at the gallery during business hours, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm.

We love teaching your kids! So that we can give them the attention they deserve, we have to restrict class size. We have 20 slots available for Group A (7th – 12th grade) and 30 slots available for Group B (2nd – 6th grade). A $50 deposit (per child) is due at registration.

Play Descriptions

“Chateau La Roach” | Group A | Actors in grades 7-12 (entering these grades in Fall 2024)
Come to the beautiful Chateau Laroche for a weekend getaway, where you’ll be greeted by a friendly host of… cockroaches! Crawling with slapstick humor and circus-like stage action, this award-winning comic farce will take you through a weekend in the lives of Francois and Mimi Laroche, the French proprietors of the chateau on the shores of a peaceful American lake.

The owners are horrified to discover the enormity of their cockroach problem as they prepare for a big weekend of visitors. Why do the cockroaches have to appear just when they’re trying to make a good impression on a famed travel writer?! On top of that, they’ve learned the health inspector is making a surprise visit – disguised as a typical guest! Could the inspector be one of the young honeymooners? The wealthy widow or her hypnotist? The British bicyclist? The manager of a bratty child star? Francois launches an all-out war on the creepy-crawly creatures as the disgruntled staff members struggle to hide the pesky problem from the hotel guests. Even with the help of a zealous exterminator, Roskel T. Goomey, the roaches quickly and hysterically adapt to the chemical assault and begin to grow bigger, while the supposed health inspector hallucinates after mistakenly using the toxic bug powder on his spaghetti, thinking it was Parmesan cheese! 

With lively and fast-paced dialogue and great opportunities for physical humor, Chateau La Roach provides a hilarious look at the price humans pay for attempting to control nature.

“Snow White and the Seven Endings” | Group B | Actors in grades 2-6 (entering these grades in Fall 2024) 
Happily-ever-after gets turned on its head in this comedic retelling of Snow White’s classic princess fairy tale. When the seven forest dwellers reminisce about their recent run-in with a royal runaway, they each have a different take on how the story unfolds and who the real hero is. But which is the real ending? The only thing they agree about is that the Prince shouldn’t get the credit!

Laughter abounds as each of the seven forest dwellers takes their turn sharing their recollection of what happened to Snow White once she came to their cottage. Which will be your favorite? The mysterious “And Then There Were Seven,” the melodramatic “Perilous Plight of Miss Snow White,” or the slapstick “Snow Alone – Lost in the Woods”? Naturally, everyone loves the action-adventure “Spindiana Jones and the Apple of Doom!” There’s also the Shakespearean “Mid-Snow White’s Dream” and the hysterical interpretive dance, “The Hunt-Cracker,” along with the classic retelling.

No matter your preference, this series of unique and entertaining, fast-paced scenes is refreshingly fun for everyone.

Some MOH Children’s Theater History

Gathering kids into the circle!
Gathering kids into the circle!

The Matthews has been home to our children’s theater since 2008 with the production of “101 Dalmatians.”

The plays throughout the years have been:
2008: 101 Dalmatians
2009: Sleeping Beauty
2010: Jungle Book
2011: Willa Wonka
2012: Aladdin, Jr.
2013: Little Mermaid, Jr.
2014: Beauty and the Beast, Jr.
2015: My Son Pinocchio, Jr.
2016: Alice in Wonderland, Jr.
2017: High School Musical, Jr.
2018: Little Mermaid, Jr.
* All of the shows have been KIDS versions except Willy Wonka. “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “My Son Pinocchio, Jr., and High School Musical, Jr.” are Broadway Junior versions of these shows. Play materials are ordered from Music Theatre in New York. 

In 2019, the name of the PB&J Players changed to the Froelich Young Actors Guild to honor long-time children’s theater director Ann Froelich. This change also broke the production into two plays: one for ages 2nd – 6th grade, and another for ages 7th – 12th.

2019: We Are Monsters…and…A Lonely Boy’s Guide to Survival (and Werewolves)
2021: All I Really Need to Know, I Learned by Being in a Bad Play…and…Once Upon a Shoe
2022: Game of Tiaras…and…Laffin School
2023: A Simpler Time…and…Aesop’s Fables Redux

The casts and crews of each production are children. They design and create everything from costumes to set and props and lighting. Also, this program has had many dedicated, talented adults who use the power tools and all kinds of equipment and expertise that is needed to perform a fabulous show.

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