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Auditions announced for 7th Theater on the Run

Aug. 2-3 | AUDITIONS for Theater on the Run
The 7th Theater on the Run (TOTR) production has scheduled the auditions for 6:30-8 p.m, Aug. 2 and 3, in The Matthews’ theater. 
There are various roles for male and female — age ranges 16+. 

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Bethany Kindsvogel

Bethany Kindsvogel began her career in art as a teenager in high school. Watercolor has remained her medium of choice and she has grown in skill and intellect through her college years.

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Paula Manley

Paula Manley’s artwork is influenced by her exploration of the meaning of home. Growing up, Paula always had a project to work on. Her mother was an artist who taught Paula the joy of creating. Snow days were her favorite, because she could spend the entire day creating art at home. Her paintings reflecting both actual and fictional events, and all her work explores our culture’s concept of “home.” She views her paintings as metaphors for the universal challenges and joys that affect people’s lives.

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Susan Love

Susan Love’s bright colors and textures hit the canvas, changing traditional western scenes into contemporary paintings.

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Sue Sasso | Oil Painter

This series of paintings, the “yellow cloth series,”  is tied together with the cloth and background wall. Variety was achieved by varying the bone, antlers, fruit, and other fabrics. One of the motivating ideas in this series and many of Sue’s still life paintings are the combination of brightly colored fruit and bleached bones. In some ways this juxtaposition is a metaphor for life – are you living life to the fullest or withering away in silent despair?  Personally, it is also a representation of Sue’s faith.

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Jayne Rose

Born and raised in northwestern Illinois, Jayne Rose found her talent in art at a very early age–kindergarten. All through grade school, high school, and college, the visual arts were her main focus–along with getting married, having two daughters, and running a busy country inn and fine dining restaurant. The last couple of items on that list took her away from art.

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The Matthews receives 2019 NEA Big Read grant!

Spearfish is reading Station Eleven in 2019
The Matthews is a recipient of a grant of $13,000 to host the NEA Big Read in Spearfish, SD. We are one of 79 nonprofit organizations to receive an NEA Big Read grant. The NEA Big Read in Spearfish will focus on Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Activities will take place January 12 through March 30, 2019.
Along with The Matthews, Grace Balloch Memorial Library, and the Black Hill State University School of Arts and Humanities are project partners offering many Big Read events from January through March 2019.
Click Here For a List of the Events:
Click Here for Writing Challenge Rules
2019 Story Challenge

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“Station Eleven” author Emily St. John Mandel

Meet the author of “Station Eleven,” Emily St. John Mandel
Emily St. John Mandel (her middle name, St. John, was her grandmother’s surname) was born on Vancouver Island and raised mostly on Denman Island, an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Mandel’s father emigrated from the U.S. and worked on the island as a plumber; her Canadian mother works for an organization that assists victims of domestic violence and is active in the labor movement. Both loved to read and for no reason other than to provide the best education they could, they homeschooled Mandel, encouraging her to write every day. “Although I grew up in a very working-class household, there was a tremendous emphasis on books,” she told the Columbia Daily Tribune. “We had a lot of books in the house and went to the library all the time… I read voraciously.” Like many teenagers, she also watched television. The island only had two channels, so options were limited, which meant she watched a fair amount of Star Trek: Voyager. It’s where she first heard Seven of Nine say “survival is insufficient” in an episode in 1999 — a phrase she wholeheartedly believes and that readers can find on the side of the traveling group’s caravan in Station Eleven. 

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June 2018: ArtCentral – June Updates

ArtCentral: June Updates

By Elizabeth Freer
Matthews Opera House, ArtCentral Manager

Elizabeth Freer, ArtCentral Mgr.
ArtCentral Spearfish has several exciting projects both underway and coming up!
Linking Fences is gaining momentum for our second season. We have a few community artist fences, as well as a few other community fences that are “under construction.”

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