Open Call for Artists at The Matthews | August 18 Deadline

July 31, 2020

Call for Artists

The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center is temporarily reopening their call for artists for their work to be displayed and sold in our gallery through the end of the year. 

This reopening was spurred by a recent change in our artist contract which includes a reduced commission of 30%.

“Our number one priority has always been to support local artists,” said Heather Evans, gallery manager. “We are excited to have this reduction in our commission structure for the first time in several years and we hope this allows for even more area artists to be represented in our gallery.”

Applications are due before 5:00 p.m. MDT on Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 2020.

Applications may be submitted via email to [email protected]

Looking for Black Hills Artists

For application purposes, the Black Hills area includes anywhere within South Dakota or Wyoming — approximately one hundred miles from the Black Hills. Our call is open to new artists as well as artists who have previously been contracted by The Matthews.

Through this call, we hope to find new artists whose work will be showcased at The Matthews. During the jurying process, the Gallery Committee will be assessing applicants based on the quality of work submitted and the needs of the gallery in terms of aesthetic balance and diversity.

Application Requirements

Artists are invited to submit an email application to our gallery manager, Heather Evans, including the following information:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • All phone numbers we may use to contact you
  • Valid email
  • Website address (if the artist has one)
    • Facebook or other social media accounts used professionally by the artist are also acceptable
  • Three JPEG images, each under 5MB, of works you hope to exhibit in the gallery.
    • The title, price, and medium of each of the works represented in the JPEG images. Please include whether the work is an original, limited edition print, etc.
  • A brief artist statement. It should be no longer than 250 words.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications without all the above-listed information (minus a website) will be considered incomplete. Incomplete applications will receive one email response requesting the missing information. If the requested information is not received by 5:00 p.m. MDT on Tuesday Aug. 18th, the application will not be considered for the gallery.

Other Options

Artists may also deliver up to three physical pieces if they believe digital images do not adequately represent their work. This will not take the place of the three JPEG images required in the email application. Those artists delivering physical work will not be favored over artists who only submit digital images.

Jurying Process

Jurying will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 19th, by the Gallery Committee. All artists who have applied will be notified on Friday, Aug. 21st via email by our gallery manager, Heather Evans, regarding the committee’s decision.

Important Details

All artists accepted by The Matthews will be required to

  • Sign a contract
  • Submit a W9
  • Submit an artist biography to be displayed along with the work
  • Submit images to be used on The Matthews website and social media
  • Fulfill an artist obligation of either a $50 donation or a donation of the artist’s work valued at $150 to be sold in The Matthews or for fundraising events.


All sales of the artist’s work in The Matthews are commissionable, with The Matthews retaining 30% of revenue in sales.

Any and all questions regarding the application, jurying process, contract (link below), or other questions pertaining to the call may be submitted to Heather Evans, gallery manager, via phone or email.

View or Download Artist Contract

Contact Information

Heather Evans
Patron Services & Gallery Manager
Phone: (605) 642-7973
Email: [email protected]

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