Theater Tech Specs

Are you interested in performing on The Matthews’ stage but need to know the theater tech specs (specifications) beforehand? Scroll down and see if we are a fit!

The Matthew Opera House is a flat floor theater with a balcony and an audience capacity of 283 (seated). The theater was built in 1906 and was fully restored in the 1980’s. The house sound system was completely updated in 2013.


  • The theater has a proscenium stage 
  • The front apron is approx. 30 ft.W x 13 ft. D to the proscenium.
  • The proscenium is 20 ft. W.
  • Stage space behind the proscenium is approx. 26 ft. W x 14 ft. D.
  • We have no risers
  • We have no fly system

Sound System

The house system is capable of supporting FOH levels of well over 105db of clean, clear audio throughout the theater. We prefer that show volume be targeted at 85-100 DBSPL A-weighted average. The theater has outstanding natural acoustics, as such, stage volume is a concern (ie: loud drum kits and guitar amps). Loud drummers may be asked to dampen their kit. Loud guitar or bass amps will be asked to turn down. 

House Console:

Soundcraft SI Expression 3 with MADI Mini Stagebox 32 (back stage left)

  • Digital console
  • 32 mono inputs (stage) 66 inputs total.
  • 20 sub-group/aux busses. 8 matrix busses
  • 4 Lexicon FX processors (built in)
  • GEQ on every buss
  • HPF, gate, compressor and 4 band EQ on every input and on every buss

Learn more about this console

Download the user manual for the mixing console

Note: Monitors are mixed from house console.

Speakers & Amps

  • Mains: 14 – EV EVU2082 & EVU-1082/95 & Evid FM4.2 in mono. Speakers are distributed throughout the house.
  • Subs: 1 – EV QRX218 – omni directional
  • FOH Amplification: EV QPS (7,000 watts)
  • FOH Distribution: Symetrix Jupiter 8 Digital Signal Processor
  • Monitors: 6 mixes from FOH.  
  • Monitor Speaker: 4 – Mackie TH12A (12” powered). 3 – Mackie C300z (12″ passive)

Microphones & DI:

  • 9 – Shure SM58
  • 5 – Shure SM57
  • 2 – AKG Perception 170
  • 2 – Shure SLX24/SM58 wireless handheld
  • 1 – Shure SLX1/WL183 wireless lav.
  • 1 – Shure PG52 – kick drum mic
  • 3 – Crown PCC-160 – boundary mics
  • 3 – Pyle Pro PDC21 DI
  • 2 – Signal Flex SF-DB DI

Theater Light Plot

Theater Light Plot (updated March 2018) – PDF

Circuit Plot

Circuit Plot (updated April 2018) – PDF



  • Guitar and Musical Instrument stands are NOT provided.
  • Stage risers are NOT provided.
  • Sheet music stands are available.
  • Backline rentals can be obtained but have to be addressed and agreed upon before contract signing. 
  • Musical act stage plot and an accurate audio input list is required at least one week prior to day of show. 


updated: 04/23/18


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